A downloadable game for Windows

Uh oh! Reimu and Marisa accidentaly ate poisoned cookies! Now they have to escape death herself and reach Eientei for an antidote. 

Get the OST here: https://mega.nz/#!M59SiYrS!K5kdbh7l9xFNA2sajk1YJESvl-5H-F1qH8aLP7h5WL4

This game was made for the third Touhou Gamejam.


White Pikmin: Code, art & level design.

Dedalocious: Art, level art & level design

J'Camilo: Sound & music

Touhou project is owned by ZUN.

Special thank to noiter00123 for the icon.

Install instructions

To play, simply unzip and click on the executable file.


Touhou fantastical pursuit.zip 7 MB


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This was very-well made.  The gameplay is simple, but the level design is top-notch.  Good assets along with it.


This is the most "oh my god will you please" game of the jam. The fair but bloody difficulty, Komachi knocking us out of the park, then her smug death remarks, oh my god. X'D More than just gameplay, this game was a complete package of fun, and I applaud that.